About Us

As native as the Bead-bean tree (Maerua Angolensis) is to the Kruger National Park, so is staying at Maerua to the bush enthusiast.


Maerua is an intimate refuge, secretly tucked away amongst the thickets of the lush bushveld, where you can feel one with South Africa's nature.

Each luxury tent features a private veranda, overlooking a waterhole. Experience the total peace of unrivalled nature, while watching a variety of Warthogs, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest and Giraffes  coming to feed daily. Hornbills will be chasing after insects in  the nearby branches, completely unaware that they are being watched.

Under the communal thatched lapa or in the camp plunge pool, guests can relax and cool down and at night share their daily safari encounters next to a bonfire in the boma. Maerua is perfect for young and old.

Blue wildebeest Marloth Park Kruger National Park
Acacia Tent veranda and entrance
Bead-bean tree flower